Mary My Duyen Ngo
Pre-Nursing student
Personal Aid Care at Carlton Plaza Senior Living
Taken 06.04.2012


Detox to Retox theme by Marg

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Me as a parent

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Didn’t think i could get anymore excited about this film

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Lana being a cutie at the OUAT Panel at SDCC 2014 [x]

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To my sweet daughter,

If you ever begin to wonder if he is the one, ask yourself:

Does his laughter warm your body from the inside out? He knows that when you say two scoops you really mean three, right? Do you dance in his living room while drinking cheap wine? I hope so, and I hope you’re both drunk and terrible and laughing so hard you cry. Does he tell you how beautiful you are, and if yes, does he say it when the morning light falls upon your face? More importantly, when he tells you, do you believe him? Can you cry in front of him? I hope you can, that means you trust him. When it’s pouring rain does he know that if your hair is curled or your eyes are sad that means he should get the car and bring it to you? When he asks what you want for dinner and you say you aren’t hungry, does he ask if you’ve eaten today? And when you say you had breakfast, I hope he knows you don’t eat breakfast, and makes you a bowl of rice, because that’s your favorite comfort food. Does he kiss you good morning? Good night? Just because? Do you know he likes his coffee black? Unless he wants it cooled, then he will probably want some milk in it, but not too much. Do you know when he prefers tea to coffee? I never quite figured that out with your father, so if you have, you’re a better woman than I. Have you figured out where he’s ticklish? Don’t let him convince you he’s not, I promise you he is. Have you frustrated the hell out of him yet? You will, oh you will, but it’s how you two come out of it that matters. And when he said he loved you for the very first time, did you respond by asking if he’s afraid of heights? I hope with my entire soul that he said yes because that means, despite his fear, he fell for you. Now, darling, you tell me, is he the one?

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I cried because I really want to be a nurse. I am not the brightest of the bunch, but I try my best in everything to make up for my incompetence. Every inch of my body wants to help people. I want to be the one that greets their patient with a smile and ensure them that I know what I’m doing. I want them to leave knowing that they were in good hands. I want to be able to encourage people to live and breathe a healthier life so they don’t have to come back to the hospital in the future. I want to work 16 hour shifts because every second, minute, hour that I’m there, I’m changing someone’s life. He or she may be having their first shot or may be on the verge of dying. For every patient that I am reliable for, I want to be the person to tell them, “Everything is going to be just fine. Trust me.” 

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adventure time literally explaining colonialism in 30 seconds

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